1. Robert Murphy

    I think part of the problem is that society has turned virtues into moving targets. Everything out there has to bigger, better, sexier, more violent, and so on. Relativism is the thing of the day and it’s hard enough sometimes to just do what’s right much less hit some target that is constantly changing each time the new normal is just a bit more in the wrong direction…

  2. Rachel

    Erin, you speak so eloquently what I hope I have taught to so many young people throughout my career. Working in a University setting has given me an opportunity to pour God’s love into young lives, and this topic is one that SO many (I would argue ALL) need to understand. My favorite part…

    “I’m not saying that you should go out and buy the ugliest clothes you can find so as not to draw attention to yourself. That is not modesty, any more than putting yourself down is humility.”

    So much truth and love in those sentences! God bless you, sweet cousin!


    • Aww thanks!! You make me smile 🙂 I’m so glad this resonated with you, and thanks again for sharing it! Modesty is a topic that so many young people in today’s age have difficulty understanding. I just hope that I can help. Like you, I’ve been in the University setting for quite awhile (as a student in my case) and I see the need for a deeper understanding everywhere!

      God bless you too, cousin!

      PS: We need to hang out sometime. Brian and I live so close to you guys now. Let’s plan something!

  3. laurie rebar

    wow… Erin I really enjoyed this post,first one that I have read in a while.I could really relate to this ,thanks for explaining it so thoroughly,I am so proud to have you for a Daughter-in law.

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