Hi.  I’m Erin and this is my blog, Clothed in Sunlight. I am a 25 year old Catholic girl with a passion for writing and stories. I am currently a student at Eastern Washington University, studying to get a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, with an emphasis on News/Editorial Journalism and a minor in German.

Beyond the basics, I am a conglomeration of random facts, talents, events, and experiences. For example, I just published a 334 page fantasy novel that I have been writing since 2011. I also just got married a couple summers ago in July. It was a magical event with teacups, flowers, lots of moss, and a little bit of ivy. My husband, Brian, and I like to marathon shows on the couch in our new apartment in Cheney, Washington. I enjoy riding horses, and grew up on a ranch in a small town. I’ve lived in California for eleven years, Montana for ten, and Washington for four. I like whimsy, fantasy novels, romance, flowers, and the color black. I’ve owned more dogs than I can count on my fingers and toes. I enjoy singing and art, but I love math and science as well, especially Calculus and Physics. When I complete my bachelor’s degree in Journalism, I want to get a Master’s in creative writing and a Doctorate in Catholic theology. I love school and it makes me sad that someday I will leave; I am considering becoming a college professor so I never have to.

The truth is, a human person is so much more than an about page. I could explain my life for hours, but the words on this page would never truly define me. Hopefully, over the course of this blog you will get to know me better and I, in turn, will get to know you. I look forward to that.