1. Jake

    Awesome. Favorite book of my favorite series by a wide margin. 11 years ago when I first picked this up I found myself relating to Mat a ton. As I’m currently re-reading the series, I can’t help but relate to Lan. He is the hero every young man deserves to see in the background.

    I for one don’t mind the age Gap between he and Nynaeve. She’s an adult woman who is constantly coming from an authority position adding considerable context.

    Mostly, the writing is superior to Martin and the sorry weaving on par with Tolkein.

    • Hahahaha! Matt has always been my least favorite character. He gets on my nerves. 😂 I suppose he’s a fairly “real” character though, who is honest about not wanting to be wrapped up in all of it.

      “He’s the hero every young man deserves to see in the background.” Nailed it. Lan is pretty much the best. Besides Rand, he is my favorite male character by far. I think he inspired some of my writing of Arcturus in my book.

      I guess I see where you are coming from with Lan and Nynaeve. But it’s still weird to me. I’m gonna guess they are around 25 years apart? I read several estimates that put Lan in his early fifties. That’s the age difference between me and Clark. She is an adult though, and always seems older than she is. Plus, the time period (loosely medieval/Renaissance) makes it a little less weird.

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