1. Nic

    Thanks for this Erin. I really appreciated this. I know it is not usually heard of for guys to struggle with this, but I really do. I am embarrassed of the weight I have gained over just the last few years. No matter how many times people tell me I still look fine, I never think that I do. I have gone through times where I feel I’ve accepted it, and other times where I feel I will never accept it, and/or never ‘get better’. The hardest thing for me is that I DID lose a good lot of the weight. It took me 6 months, but I lost about 15 pounds. Now, almost a year later, I’ve gained it all back and some more. This makes it THAT MUCH HARDER to get back in to the process of exercising and eating healthy and all that. It’s frustrating, because…I already did it…and now I have to do it AGAIN?! Ugh…But, thank you for your positive outlook and practical ways to take steps towards feeling good about yourself and loving yourself – weight or not.

    • Nic! I’m so sorry I am responding to this comment so late. I feel awful. I’m really far behind on responding to comments (not sure why, it just happened. And then it became overwhelming, so of course I put it off even more!). In any case, I am so glad that this post was helpful for you! And thank you for being so honest. It isn’t very common for guys to come forward about such a topic, and I think that’s so brave of you! 🙂

      I definitely agree that the hardest part is when you do lose the weight, and it comes back. I’ve been there! I’m right there now, actually, and it sucks. But sometimes, it is so important to remember that we are children of God and are beautiful — no matter what our bodies happen to look like! Being healthy is very important, but remembering that we have dignity and worth no matter what is even more important.

  2. Sarah

    I agree with your general viewpoint but also believe this wouldn’t be an issue if people chose to just MOVE more in their daily lives. Everyone sees resting, vacationing, chilling in front of the TV or computer as the ultimate relaxation when actually doing chores, gardening, cooking, etc. can be equally satisfying. We live in a culture that encourages people to be “entertained” at all times… It is much better to use your body as it was meant: to work, walk, clean, cook, garden… There would be less concern about weight if this was the focus. Weight gain is a symptom of this decadent American culture

    • Thanks for the comment! I definitely agree with you. People do need to get up and move more, myself included!

      In this particular post I was just trying to place emphasis elsewhere and maybe offer a little healing to those who struggle with major self-esteem problems because of it. Feeling poorly about yourself doesn’t fix anything, so I wanted to try and change people’s outlook. Getting healthy is important, but the process is seriously hindered when you are doing it to “feel better about yourself” rather than to simply be stronger.

      I think this post is especially relevant for people, like myself, who have gained only a small bit (and are still in the healthy BMI range), but enough to be considered heavier when compared to the celebrities and models we see so often everywhere. There is so much weight shaming in our culture, when being healthy should be the only thing that matters!

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