1. laurie rebar

    I am really glad I saved all your posts,I really enjoyed your article and the photos.my eyes are a little better,plan to read one a day till I am caught up.

  2. Nicolas Castoldi

    For me lately, beauty has been found in actions. In seeing a person smile at another person. The way that a barista sets the cup of coffee and the counter and says “Here ya go!” with a true sense of giving. When someone stops to actually talk to you or you stop to actually have a conversation with someone. Picking some thing up off the ground for another person. Actions of service especially, but also in every day actions like just looking up at the sun and smiling. Or seeing someone stick their head out the window to get some fresh air. The other day I saw a video of a dog comforting a young boy with Down’s Syndrome. The way my sister’s cat will come just lay on my chest while I’m on the couch and just sit there for awhile, purring. Or the action of blossoms falling from the ground. I guess I have been noticing beauty a lot more in movement. Maybe it’s because I have been too stationary for too long and have a true desire to move more in my life. Anyways, actions can be so beautiful.

    P.S. – Even with the bad lighting, these are great pictures! 🙂

  3. Robert Murphy

    The beauty part is easy to find in a lot of things but for me in something like a run down building the beauty is that everything that was created by God returns to God. From dust we came and to dust we shall return. It’s amazing to see run down buildings and see how things we as humans have destroyed or let go are reclaimed by nature and by a slow process turned back into something beautiful again.

  4. Martha Rebar

    I love this article Erin, your pictures and text are wonderful. Beauty is felt in the soul, which is why we feel closer to God when we see it. Thank you for sharing it with us! I too love to take pictures of beauty :))

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