1. Robert M

    I’m not much on fashion but I found it interesting that you found beauty and meaning in something as simple as dust, almost a year ago I wrote the following about snow etc.

    “The other day we got 4 or so inches of snow. In the midst of the storm I was standing at a gas station on a busy corner and I realized something…everything was quiet and white.

    Yes there was less traffic as people stayed inside out of the storm but it was more than that, the snow acted like God, it wrapped us in its arms and begged us to just be quiet for a minute, to listen, and be still.

    God often begs us to be still and listen to him but we often resist and struggle. We fight against him because we think we know best, and I’m no better. There are times we all struggle through the snow of our lives instead of pausing to listen and feel the calm of his voice and presence.

    The second thing that I noticed, and Lord knows I’m not the first, was how much falling and fallen snow reminds me of the human condition and our relationship with God.

    He pours his grace on us like little falling flakes that never stop. It covers everything making it beautiful, pure, and clean but how often do we stop to appreciate it to thank him. Instead we just plow his grace into the corners of our internal parking lots leaving it there. We trudge across the fields or yards leaving our muddy sinful footprints behind only realizing what we were in the midst of after we’ve passed it by.

    Then today it was the warmest day in quite awhile an as I walked across our campus at work I saw a stark difference in the landscape but saw the same forces at work. Today the snow is melting and making things muddy and wet but out of that comes life.

    The ground is struggling to be seen. Soon the grass will try and push through, flowers will start to grow and trees will bud. Our yearly geese and swans will show up and start their new families. Out of Gods grace (snow) comes new life, a new beginning.

    Hopefully this spring we can look back and see the beauty we have passed through. Let the grace we have received work in our lives to create something new in us this year. What that is may be something different for everyone and only you and God know what that is. I pray that whatever it is by Jesus’s sinless sacrifice may you reach whatever that goal may be.”

    You talking about the dust being beautiful and created by God made me think of that post I had made on Facebook a little over a year ago.

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