1. Jerome

    Just kidding. That was an excellent article. I guess just to summarize:

    The point of fasting and abstinence is to learn to be detached from the good things of the world God has created, so we are more free to love God and neighbor.

    It’s almost a sort of preventative care. We can learn to love created things more than God, so we regularly practice doing without what is less important, to train ourselves to focus on what is most important. This would then help prevent falling into gluttony and lust, etc. By loving them more than God, we “spoil the goodness” of them, that is, fall into sin.

    “What do I do instead of prayer”? I think that is a perfect tool to identify those areas of our lives!

    • Brian Rebar

      Good points all around. Right, that’s a good way to articulate the idolizing point that I was trying to make. I’m glad you were joking, I was like wow, way to negate everything I wrote about man. Haha! Yeah, I definitely think it’s important to “rest” from fasting on Sundays. I think it helps us to work towards moderation with God’s gifts too. Allowing us to have a little once a week. There’s no reason to nix these things altogether unless we’re dealing with some sort of addiction.

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