1. Brian Rebar

    Well put dear! Kind of unrelated but I also see a paralleling theme with Jesus’ kingship. When and before He comes, people expect Him to build His kingdom in the way that other kings are building their kingdoms. With a throne on earth, above peoples, ruling over them. Which wasn’t bad in their eyes. They knew He was the king they’ve been waiting for. But instead He is born in a manger, preaches on the streets, never establishes His own earthly kingdom(at least how they figured He would). Pilate even asks Him about His kingship and Jesus simply says that His kingdom is not here. I feel like Jesus did this to point to Heaven(His real kingdom) and to point to something outside of ourselves so that we might build His kingdom on earth after He leaves in preparation into His Heavenly kingdom. Jesus never rose in power. He came from a humble beginning and preached to the outcasts, the poor, those that it was unpopular to preach to. Just as He washed His servants feet, He shows the world what a real king should look like, a servant.

    • This is a great parallel. Jesus, in a way, lives the nativity his whole life. Which is beautiful and profound. It really shows, as you said, what a real king should look like. Well said, dear!

      • Brian Rebar

        “Lives the Nativity His whole life.” Man, that’ so awesome. You always find a more eloquent and beautifully put way to say things than I do. I love it! 🙂

  2. Your posts always force to focus on details I tend to gloss over in scripture, Erin. I must say I never thought about the contrast in John’s birth vs. Jesus’s birth — but you’re right! What a difference! Jesus’s humble birth makes perfect sense with his earthly ministry. Even as he was born, he inspired reverence for an omnipotent God and taught us the value of humility.

    • Thanks Liz!

      I feel like John’s more public birth helped allow Jesus’s birth to be more humble. John’s birth inspired people to think about God, the coming Messiah, and miracles–something they needed to be opened up to–so that Jesus’s birth could inspire something very different. Even at his birth John proclaimed the coming of the Lord, and even at Jesus’s birth, Jesus “inspired reverence for an omnipotent God and taught us the value of humility.” I like that these two men fulfilled their calling even as infants. 🙂

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