1. Brian Rebar

    I miss Fr Marc! He had great, dynamic homilies. I wish we knew more about him! I’d love to get to know him a little bit more. He’s not only a good example for all husbands and fathers but for all men in general who have a woman to protect or who want to live a holy and virtuous life. I’m sure he had a certain way he thought that a child should be raised. I wonder how he balanced that with God’s will for this adopted child that Joseph was entrusted with.

  2. Dave

    Joseph is rather my favorite saint. I remember Fr. Marc giving a very enthusiastic homily on his feast day, commenting on how little we know about him. Really, the bible tells us hardly anything! Sure we have a few stories and traditions surrounding him, which may or may not be factual, but he’s almost invisible in terms of what we know about him. Fr. Marc said this was because he selflessly devoted his life to Jesus and Mary, we know little about himself. And yet, in his selflessness he has become one of our favorite saints and perhaps the best example for us after Mary and Jesus.

    I love the image of St. Joseph the protector. He was tasked with protecting the most important person in Human history, even though he was an ordinary guy. I recall a scene from “The Nativity,” (an flawed movie with many good qualities) where he comments, “I wonder if I will be able to teach him anything!” But despite being a mortal man, his task was to be a father to Jesus. There’s this great statue at my home parish of Joseph teaching a young Jesus to read. I dunno, I could go on forever. I just think Joseph’s great because he’s a example of to accept great honor and responsibility with obedience and humility. Every now and then I make a point of praying the Litany to St. Joseph.

  3. Brian Rebar

    I love St Joseph! He definitely gets pushed to the inside and forgotten. I should really cling to him as a patron for husbands. He put the good of Mary above his feelings of betrayal. How selfless, that’s what being a spouse is about. I’ve always looked up to him but I definitely should start some sort of novena to him.

    I love the Aquinas quote! It makes a good point! I also like that you make the point that St Joseph helped form the man that Christ the came. That says volumes about Joseph’s character, that God would trust His only son to this man and his judgment. God obviously knew how holy and devoted of a man that Joseph was.

    One thing that sticks out to me is that Josephs had to have had many lessons in humility. Mary wasn’t the only one who had to surrender to God’s will not knowing many details about the future. Joseph was constantly playing second fiddle to Mary and constantly deferring to the will of God in raising Jesus and the decision he made in staying with Mary, not divorcing her, and trusting a dream from an angel. That had to have been so difficult and he had to have had such a faithful relationship with God and must have been so devoted to Mary.

    • I can imagine that it would also take a lot of humility on his part, not only to “play second fiddle to Mary,” but to be entrusted to lead two people who, to him, would seem to not need his leadership. How hard would it be to be entrusted the two most perfect people on earth!

      • Brian Rebar

        That’s true! I would feel so unworthy. I’d be like, what good could I do? But that’s the cool thing about God. He’s sees endless potential in each and every one of us. He’s sees gifts and talents that we don’t see yet. That’s one of the reasons His will is the perfect will.

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